Scrabble Board Upturned

Scrabble Board Upturned

i wish,
i had for my, ‘stuff’
when i was about nineteen
maybe twenty
avoiding, either empty
or then running on empty
it is not wasted nights
or the people i cannot remember
or even the people i can
i wonder where they are
and who they thought i was
it is the social skills,
those endless interviews in london
t trying to bag a runners job
but in the end, just running
or that flow into my twenties
when it just fell apart
a world of technology
and my dreams in a horse and cart
i wish,
i had just not made such a mess,
that night,
when i made a life changing decisions
birthdays falling like letters
from a scrabble board upturned
unlocked back doors
and friends getting caught
nights in london when he worked nights
a social mess, flickering candles
when i need to be a spark or a bright light

James Garratt – August 2018

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