Wealthy Class – January 2019

Wealthy Class

they will take back control
but you will not…

more power to the wealthy class
but not to you sir

they will make the laws that suit themselves
and not to suit you
they will create more wealth
but not for you
they will concentrate power
to their class, to their few
this is for them,
it was never for you

you may think, ‘immigration’
ruined this countries situation
but we are bankrupt
and the German, ‘kaput’
becomes an English, ‘cock up’

do you not notice
who leads,
when we all talk about, ‘leave’
the, ‘common man’,
fails to register the commonalities
of this wealthy class,
the shadows and the ghosts
they bury the brightest future
and drag us back to misplaced ideology
and a dangerous past

James Garratt – January 2019

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