Facing the Wrong Direction (originally untitled) – March 1998

Facing the Wrong Direction

putting off today
what I should not have done yesterday
I am saying I am sorry
but it is far too late
sorry is dead wood, it is hollow
I would complain about mine
but I can see your sorrow
I should not done what I did
did I not get crucified
for every single mistake I made
slip up once and you are on the rack
and they are putting nails in your wrists
I am only human,
I thank them for being so quick to judge
I never realised their perfection
was it blowing in the wind?
was I facing the wrong direction?
is that why I never noticed it
putting off today,
it is too late
I cannot repair the break
I cannot put back what I chose to take
not when it is someone’s feelings

James Garratt – March 1998

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