The Boy Behind The Glasses Update – 5th August 2019


Firstly, thank you to those who continue to like my poetry and thank you to those who follow TBBTG. I do appreciate all those who like and follow, it is appreciated.

TBBTG could have had the tagline of ‘Over 25 Years in The Making!’ because that is exactly what i am doing, I am taking all my writing from 1993 / 94 and it is being uploaded. It’s an immense task and something that already has taken me on a journey of emotions and thoughts. It’s also presented with some challenges, not least, what do i do with untitled pieces or unfinished pieces, in fact how do i know something is finished or not? Then there is the challenge of how to present my work? I have made some changes since the last update, most notably including the date within the title. The date was always important to me, it was mark of when the poem was written, it was the passage of time, it was a moment in my life. Time is a common theme in my work and you see a slight obsession and fascination with it.

I have completed a few writing pads, I have taken different points in my life and gone through each pad. It’s interesting because i feel like i am developing or reestablishing a relationship with the older writing and the person who wrote them. I am meeting my younger self and having to accept them, even though, at times i do not want to. The whole process of writing up, even these few pads of work has had a profound impact of me. I have realised that we experience so much in life. I am 44 now and if i think back to when i was 20, there has been so much life between those two points, so much laughter, sadness, tears and so many people, it’s amazing to experience that. I also realise that my really early stuff, as awkward and simplistic as it may be has a something that i have never had in later writing, something about being young and innocent appears to leap out of the early work. I get a lot of likes for my early work and i think it’s because people sense that rawness and innocence and it has an appeal. I think my conclusion is that when you’re young the sun shines very briefly and intensely before the light is slowly masked out and although the sun does shine again in our lives, it’s in different ways and in different moments.

I am rattling on now, uploading as i go, rediscovering work, reading very personal and intimate situations that happened years ago, yet, sadly i often can’t remember who the poems was or is about. I do feel sad that even i am excluded in some way from some of work. I often to be closer, what was i really thinking when i wrote something, where was , what was i wearing?

I think the site looks better, i am still using the original written poems, complete with mistakes. I write quite quickly and the aim for me has always been to capture the moment, i am not committed to spending a lot of time of a poem, I always just want capture the emotion or the feeling. That is not to say i don’t edit but i generally write something, leave it, let it ferment, come back to it and see how I feel about it. I have looked at other poetry and writing blogs and am very impressed by people who can write very well and put together some amazing poetry.

The plan for the next week is to continue uploading work, I don’t have any immediate plans to change anything or any decisions on particular years. One pad i am currently writing up is from mid 2012, this was a surprise when I read it because I lost my mum in January 2012 and I knew I had written about it but I hadn’t remembered how raw it all was and this batch of poems and writing had been forgotten to me. As i said earlier, it’s a journey of discovery for me and you will see now, parts of my life exposed and revealed.

You can follow me on Twitter, the feed is at the side of the page or if you’re on a mobile device it’s in the menu feed. You will also the ‘top ten’ poems based upon likes. I have committed to sharing one of those each day onto Twitter and Facebook, which is interesting. Inevitably with writing and poetry, the ones I like, other people never do and the ones i dislike, other people really like. That’s a good thing though and it is interesting what people pull out of and relate to in a piece of writing. I have been amazed and surprised by some of the poems that have proved popular.

I have also reorganised my workspace but more on that in the next update! For now i will leave with our cats giving their own opinion.

Thank you though, i enjoy the interaction, please keep liking, commenting and being generally good kind people. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

James 🙂

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