Mum, I Miss You…

Mum, I Miss you…

mum, i miss you…
in my memory
i scrutinise your face
hoping to replace
the image of death
with the image of life
that final moment…

mum, i think about you
and think about,
what you would say
as we make our way
through those days
what would you say mum?

sometimes i look at the phone
thinking about the conversation
where we drifted through sentences
with seemingly no meaning
now i realise,
those words were dialled with feeling

mum, some days
i just cannot believe you are no longer here
but i keep going
because i know you would want me to
but you must forgive me,
if i seem frightened,
by new found doors
without you, i feel a bit more insecure
and sometimes i need to pause

mum, i miss you
and the days,
they come and go
i am doing well,
but i am sure, somewhere you know

James Garartt – July 2012

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