Repeating Patterns – Monday 27th October 2010

Repeating Patterns

it is sad that you –
were bullied as a child
and as an adult
that behaviour is replicated
it is sad that you –
had your voice denied
that you spent a childhood
with so much inside
and it is sadder still
that as an adult
you replicate that idea
ruling with –
a seen and not heard policy
where voice, opinion, feeling
can never be expressed freely
you would hope –
your negative experience –
as a child
especially when it is connected
to the ankle chain of abuse
you would hope as an adult
those ideas would have no use
that more positive paths
would be the ones you choose
yet the bullied has become –
the bully
and the emotional intelligence
has never developed fully

James Garratt – Monday 27th September 2010

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