We Know About the Trains – Thursday 8th August 2019

We Know About the Trains

are we the educated liberals
who point out truths
but offer no solution or change
are we the villagers who lived next to the camps
and who knew about the trains
are we the people who did nothing about it
even though they knew about the trains
and what was going on

as those trains made their way to the camp
are we just the people looking on
but doing nothing to acknowledge or change it
i fear that is what we have become
almost, fatally middle class
watching trains rumble past
meanwhile we return to our middle class pursuits
our guardian gazing,
eating the right food and eco friendly fruit

nothing is changing
as the trains continue
we dare not speak of angry solutions
because in reality, we are far too comfortable
to undertake or take part in revolution
our lives are in far too comfortable position
and any revolution,
would need to be zero emissions

yet we are the villagers
and we know about the trains
the camps may be metaphorical
but people are dying, they are enslaved and chained
can we move to radical change?
how much can we deny those rolling trains
i do not think we do enough, we need to do more
but when you are an educated liberal speaking truths
revolutions seems disruptive and such a bore

James Garratt – Thursday 8th August 2019

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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