Electric Teeth – Written Wednesday 25th October 1995 (Aged 20)

Electric Teeth

with electric teeth
so strange,
what have you got to eat?
a litter street, with freaks
well and truly deranged
i was never too strange
though there are people i would blame
i can see an aura of blue
glad you came
with electric teeth, it is something new
you are pounding the beat
hands clenched,
it is only the scared that flinch
and those who keep tomorrow
so safely tucked away
never need to beg and borrow
because they know what is coming today
some people made tomorrow
made a child cry,
now they stand by the side of the road
and watch life go by
with electric teeth you bite
always out to lunch,
you should try it
it is not a superficial crunch
it goes all the way

James Garratt – Wednesday 25th October 1995


      1. Haha I also published some poems of a decade ago..am a bit young for two decades old poetry 😀

        Youth…sweet empassioned thoughts, I feel poetry written before we allow age, the bitterness and cynicism we allow old age to bring

        Also hurts and disappointments have a way of closing our hearts, filtering(hiding behind shield) our experience of the world

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      2. I think you get better technically as a writer but there is something about younger writing, before all the life stuff really kicks in, that has a magic. I see it in my own writing.


      3. Oh more technical as we get older….true…is there any way we can re capture the magic. As I enter my 30s, I still want to maintain that magic of youth, energy, dreaming nature… but still benefit from the maturity, wisdom and skill experience brings

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      4. This it’s just a different type of magic and energy – it’s learning that I guess. I’m 44 and I’m not the person I was but life remains magic in its own ways with all the ups and downs and as much there is a certain magic about being young, it didn’t come with the people or experience life being s

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