Rose Coloured Glasses – August 2012

Rose Coloured Glasses

my memories regarding my mum
has tinges of anger
moments of madness
periods of desolation and sadness
but i always felt –
it was fine to be me
try your best, she used to say
try your best and do the best you can
it is all you can do
there was never any rejection
no, dismissing my interests
draw those characters from the beano
and stencil them on the wall
so i did,
and we moved out
she told the house office how proud she was
she never wanted to curtail my creativity
perhaps she did not want to repeat her own family
i may have struggled with who i was
but mum seemed fine –
death does not make people perfect
and rose coloured glasses
do nothing to disguise the tears
and there were many
when through such turbulent years
we could be seen to be at odds
but being me, was never deemed as being strange
my interests encouraged –
my creativity and desire to express
never curtailed and that is down to mum
and though she is gone, that makes her a success

James Garratt – August 2012

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