Alarm Clocks – Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Alarm Clocks

i thought about you
about what you said
like alarm clocks
going off in my head
i thought about you
how you too,
had searched for parental love
reassurance, confidence
never feeling like you are enough
i warmed to you
as people do,
when they are trying to stay afloat
when they find themselves out to sea
but possibly sharing the same lifeboat
i could run to you
uphill and on broken glass
excitement almost fit to burst
hope undergoing a major bypass
the end to life’s lonely hurt
but in a way i know
i am not a solution
not a failsafe plan to commend
i would like to be closer,
closer as friends

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James Garratt – Wednesday 23rd March 2011

As a note, i did go to marry the person this poem is about

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