Hour by Hour – Friday 6th September 2019

Hour by Hour

they want to define our sovereignty
with parliament having more say
so the message went around
they got their vote…
and then they closed parliament down
we, well, it meant them
a simple mistake
yes, you saw their lips move
but they are snakes with more than one face
they said,
we must take back control…
and welcome all ‘peoples’ back into the fold
but the fold was white,
and the whiteness made me feel very cold
we were not taking back control
but, simply obtaining more power
yet the power is biased
and only destined for the few
your wages will pay for their –
ideological wet dream
this is not for me and you
when they said,
this country will make its own destiny
perhaps –
the words trailed off at the ed
for the absurd realities of ideological phantasms
means they are not your friend
sovereignty purposely confused
the grabs of power
we, just us, as ever, we lose
and now we watch this mess, hour by hour

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