Planting the Flower – Friday 5th September 2019

Planting the Flower

in their pspit
is encased the word, ‘left’
in their bile
is the wretched taste
of their perception
their maps,
haunted by lack of progression
they throw things at me
and what i consider fair
they see as being, ‘leftie’
and what i think is just,
the idea of opportunity
and rights around equality
what i see as decent and honest
they rebrand and repackage,
as some kind of societal destruction
a radical view
that deprives them of their voice
and that, for them, can never do
why must i be, ‘left wing’
why must i be, ‘on the left’
we must we divide?
is the true answer?
and here is where the power lies
that divide and conquer tactic
from books where the pages are yellowed
those with power and influence
learned long ago, the value of planting that flower

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James Garratt – Friday 5th September 2019

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