Children, Just a Marketing Tool – Written February 1997

Children, Just a Marketing Tool

children, just a marketing tool
children are unspoilt
so they are gullible
if it can rake in the money
they they okay for the hard sell
if they could
they would sell drugs to children
in brightly painted packaging
to appeal to their inquisitive minds
with a cartoon series on t.v.
just to make sure they were fashionable
of course, it would be done fairly
probably have a warning on the boxes
that are such an interesting design
not to be played with by children,
under thirty six months
not in case it damages their mind
but in case they choke on the pills
which are too big for their tiny throats
but if they could market drugs
i actually believe they would
that is how cynical i am
perhaps it is because i know
that children are most susceptible
to changing fashions and trends
it is how they learn and grow
childhood is precious,
covered in at least a little innocence
but not in today’s hungry greedy way
children, just another marketing tool
is that not a sad thing to say?

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James Garratt – February 1997

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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