Further Versions of Me – Written Thursday 6th February 2020 (Aged 44)

Further Versions of Me

i am versions of my childhood
i am aspects of my experience
i am fragments of previous relationships
i am the sunshine of my friends
i am all the letters,
i am the bridge that does not always suspend
i am part of you,
and the life i never had
i am part of them
and part of feeling sad
i am aspects of my early years
i am moments, frozen in my tears
i am a building site of my own fears
i am versions of my life,
i am pieces of the treasure and minutes in the night
i am the full fat diet version
of my tin can fizzy life
i am a full on digital conversion
the one deleted by my first wife
i am versions of my childhood
further versions of my memories from this life
i have peered long and hard at the digital age
with forged 1970’s analogue sight

James Garratt – Thursday 6th February 2020

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