Well Done – Written Wednesday 8th April 2020 (Aged 45)

Well Done

they hold onto ‘well done’
as if it is the ultimate treasure
they dispense is sparsely,
and rarely with any leisure
you are expected,
to find the it the greatest pleasure
but when they do
and they say those words,
you find that acceptance is a gravel road
and your bare feet make it hurt
you feel like ‘well done’
has to be a task
too complex too achieve
so you are forced into submission
and you become an addict for need
do they hold onto, ‘well done;
because it was hard won for them
did they fight,
to turn on an approving light
were they scaling vertical buildings
in an attempt to reach impossible heights
did someone not notice their feelings
as love looked away,
or upturned its eyes towards to distant ceilings
they hold onto, ‘well done’
never unfurling that carpet of red
every taken moment,
is clear feeling of dread
how long must individuals wait
for a, ‘well done’ to be said

James Garratt – Wednesday 8th April 2020

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