Imagine a River – Written Tuesday 15th February 2005 (Aged 29)

Imagine a River

imagine a river
which you need to cross
your dream,
waits on the other side
but it is too deep to swim
the level is just too high
there is no bridge,
whether it be iron, wood or rope
but still, your dreams wait
is there anything that floats?
you can,
spend your whole life on one river bank
watching the other side
or constantly trying to find a way across
and you must really try
people tell you that the answer is within reach
or that it is inside
you want to believe them
no matter how high
i have spent my whole life
watching another river bank
just waiting around
i know i must cross
i just do not want to drown

James Garratt – Tuesday 15th February 2005

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