I Lived My Youth (Originally Untitled) – Written Monday 1tth June 2006 (Aged 31)

I Lived My Youth

i lived my youth,
sure the corporate people
bound and gagged at university
dreaming of material wealth
and the wanting the next consultancy
they look at me
but i lived my youth,
their bent back eyes
which never discovered a truth
will never know my inside
i lived my youth,
i may make a one man protest
from an unknown roof
i may have scribed my feelings
and swapped fantasy for truth
but i lived my youth
i did not know what i needed to do
to stop the desktop emotions
from writing off my brain
to find a light, somes you find a chime
and you resolve the pain
others look on,
and think, what a waste…
they scrabble up the greasy ladder
thinking, what an under achiever
but i lived my youth,
and in that, i remain a true believer

james Garratt – Monday 11th June 2006

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