New Age? – Written Wednesday 24th January 1996 (Aged 20)

New Age?

boxed and foxed, driving in my brain
dancing across the ballroom,
glad i came
caught out and blocked
see the way things are
i am not shocked
bronzed and toned but always alone
mystic madness on the roam
cloak and dagger, guilt with a knife
serenade and dream but never fight
romantic writer burning their page
turning to the rebirth of the new age
symbols on clothes never worn
caught out by the moon
they were soon born
the spell is in the tune
in which you listen and take part
across the wastelands it is just an african chant
smell it on the wind
i am scared our lives are dying
dying into the earth only to be lost forever
clothing the chance, crippled on a tipple
i just cannot dance

James Garratt – Wednesday 24th January 1996

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    1. Thank you – they all come from my writing pads. Although I don’t edit much – it’s like, ‘un-polishing’, just showing the bare bones and the moment of creativity. Handwriting is probably a bit manic πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking time to comment πŸ™‚

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      1. I still use a writing pad to write. I know lots of people don’t and they write straight to screen. But my writing pad is my world and my space. Thank you for the comment it’s very kind

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      2. I think that writing on paper is a vastly different experience than writing on the computer. Both are nice in their own way. Writing on paper feels more intimate but writing on computer is easier to share. You have found a best of both worlds hybrid.πŸ™‚

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