Sympathy Sham – Written Wednesday 24th January 1996 (Aged 20)

Sympathy Sham

i am not part of all that
some people remember me
like i will never be free
some people catch me consciously
others drown in their own self doubt
what are they on about
they never think about how others cope
always thinking of themselves
i am not part of all that, not a bit
i do not drag myself around
with melted hip and wasted lip
i am not getting mean with luck
no sunken ship beached like a stalled truck
some people catch a star
and turn their world into a magic place
some, just get a smack in the face
whilst chewing on dirt
the type which leaves a sour taste
but through all the mental drain
they never complain for sympathy
i would like to think i was part of that
i hope that is me

James Garratt – Wednesday 24th January 1994

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