Paradox Feelings – Written Wednesday 24th January 1996 (Aged 20)

Paradox Feelings

i do not need you…
but i do…
i lost my fantasy in a street fight
it was never ending
i need you…
i think it was me pretending
i do not need you…
my mind i am defending
i do not need to stare out of my window
but if the weather matches how i feel
i look at my pandora’s box
sitting on the sill
and i know i am addicted to paradox
i need you when want to feel
that cannot be good because it is selfish
i need you like a child needs a wish
i do not need you when i am strong
but i do when it all comes down
and when it all goes wrong
i wish the words i write – were not so abused
i wish it could be perfect
but i am so confused

James Garratt – Wednesday 24th January 1996

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