Charter – Written Monday 24th September 2007 (Aged 2)


who are you to judge me
could you explain
is there some charter
that allows you to cause pain
is there some quarter
where you do not apportion blame
who are you to judge me
and judge me,
is exactly what you’ve done
you tell me all about your life
you tell me how i felt when i was young
you say my day is really night
but you have never really begun
who are you to judge me
could you explain,
you do not even know me
and all you ever do is complain
is there some god given right
one that allows you to taunt
and keep on sinking the knife

James Garratt – Monday 24th September 2007

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    1. Thanks Brooke – that is very kind. I’ve always written in writing pads, so I always try to include the original handwritten poem. As you said, gives it a nice personal feel 🙂 Hope you’re okay and keeping safe 🙂

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