Was You There? – Written Wednesday 11th October 2005 (Aged 30)

Was You There?

was you there for maria –
when she left me
i was hungry but much clearer
it was a right of passage
one that i had taken
and although sue never made it real
although at the time i was broken
the things i learnt
are things i have kept
and taken with me ever since
and was you there for juliette
these women,
chained me to hope
and even, i knew –
that they would love me and leave me
but that was not the point
they had wanted me and found me
and i had loved them,
and as a human being
i would always be much better for it
but were you there for any of this?
no, no you were not
so please, please do not talk to me
about genetics,
and now i am about to be married
i suddenly see you as you are

James Garratt – Wednesday 11th October 2005

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