Snakes in the Grass – Written September 2007 (Aged 32)

Snakes in the Grass

i took chances
responded to those glances
ego driven mad –
by unfulfilled dances
i stepped out
when i could have stayed in
i kept on wearing the smile
if after a short while
it felt somehow fake
i stood tall
when others made me feel small
i went to the ball
when others ignored the call
and as i make my way through the fields
wandering through the long grass
i see all the snakes as i pass
they hiss and they spit
all because bitterness knows how to talk
they took every hit
and try to drag me down as i walk
but i see them
and i do not apply the brakes
but one thing remains true
i always see the snakes

James Garratt – Written September 2007

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