Help Me With The Shutters – Written Thursday 23rd October 2014 (Aged 39)

Help Me With The Shutters

i have not loved –
in the same way
since mum died
it sounds like an excuse
but it is there inside
the sun is up
and the day is breaking
i push up the shutters
but i am aching
i open up the shop
but i feel like i am faking
love has not stopped
but it is struggling for a display
in my own shop
life though does not wait
it carried on,
driven by the lines of fate
but since mum died
something has squirreled away
deep inside,
and the open expression
has on occasion found itself
drinking lattes with my depression
but this is the path of grief
this is the lesson –
and this is the lesson it will teach
i still love you,
just help me with the shutters

James Garratt – Thursday 23rd October 2020

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