The Toy – Written Monday 27th September 1999 (Aged 24)

The Toy

the gloss has faded
the novelty worn off
the new toy does not seem to shiny
not when you have got new ones
the toy was good
when it was not subject to reality
in your dream like fantasy
everything was peaches and cream
but then… there is always reality
there to swallow your dreams
and now the gloss is gone
and suddenly you have remembered,
you are only young
and the toy is your life
it was everything you wanted
till you woke up and turned on the light
it appealed to you when it was easy
but when it required work
it just gets put away, back in its box
then you look at the toy
and wonder why it has no gloss
once it was the two of you
and the toy was so much your life
you were happy to have it
but when reality came along
you realised it was not a toy,
it was a relationship

James Garratt – Monday 27th September 1999

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