Maybe It Is My Fragile Male Ego – Written Tuesday 14th April 2020 (Aged 45)

Maybe It is My Fragile Male Ego

i must assume
my writing’s worth is rendered less
because of gender
and colour
should i be saying that?
am I showing an uncomfortable edge?
i do know,
i do see and accept my privilege
but experiences –
are no less real
and a lifetime of –
well, life! it means i do feel
i am not, ‘on trend’
or basking in the latest fads
and that it seems, is too bad
i know you can see my droplets of resentment
but it feels like –
people playing their card
ones that separate people into groups
and forget that as individuals,
we all have experiences and we all have hearts

James Garratt – Tuesday 14th April 2020

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