Our Town Becomes Something New – Written Tuesday 14th April 2020 (Aged 45)

Our Town Becomes Something New

there is a quietness
and a tillness
to our town
‘lockdown’ has pull back our town’s curtains
there are new sights and sounds
the sparsity,
creates new realities
walks, which now, are a daily must
open up new public pathways
and pull back leaves that rust
bridleways becomes new ways,
and our town,
is revealed,
devoid of its usual people laden makeup
its natural face
takes us to a new face
pons and waterways trickle uninterrupted
their noise now caught,
by the ear of eager walkers
turned into new found explorers
suddenly the stillness,
makes the town and eager talker
we live in a different place now
thought the streets,
and the buildings do look much the same
we have westcountry greeness
fuelled by its notorious rain
but, ‘lockdown’, reveals a new place
we look now to a future, will it ever be the same?

James Garratt – Tuesday 14th April 2020

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