Set to Last – Written Saturday 26th July 1997 (Aged 22)

Set to Last

the past is past
it has pulled up and then driven away
so why is it still haunting me
i mistook it for yesterday
i had thought it had gone for good
but the past is still burning
and i just keep adding wood
cannot not see much for the trees
the past is set to last
i am fighting at the moments
that is what we all say
because so often, we are
come and finish my day
sculpt it out of the now
not from yesterday
those people do not know me
they never well,
the past is past
yet it is still something that i can feel
it remains here
like an unwanted guest
sometimes i do need its comfort
but only on my own terms
when will i ever learn?
i thought the past was past
yet it seems that it is set to last

James Garratt – Saturday 26th July 1997

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