Till I Learn – Written Between February and June 1995 (Aged 20)

Till I Learn

i have never felt as scared
as i did the other day
but routine stil returned
to haunt me, till i learn
it gets so heavy,
in fact i was almost there
i wanted to tell you what i thought
but i was disappointed as always
your feelings had already been bought
by a deep blue gaze
and someone who really cares
it is not fair, but that is life
as you say all too often
but it adds to what i already knew
and that phrase is clearly true
it is only life, it does not stop for anyone
we just go on,
so we might as well get things done
i have never realised that i cannot make it
in a really good situation
the cruel things in life will happen
and the cruelest thing is,
iit all seems to be about manipulation

James Garratt – February to June 1995

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