Resilience – Written Tuesday 21st July 2020 (Aged 45)


the part of us which we describe as the, ‘me’
it has to have some resilience
let me explain,
if we treat well being like the weather
and all the hurt as a form of rain
there has to be part of me,
i just about like
not just the parts i argue with
and end up in a fight
there has to be some give
and there has to be some resilience
how else can any of us live?
and in the end, what else can i do
i can only ever be,
the multi changing versions of me
at least one,
has to be okay, just to get things done
if opinion about us
is only ever a sum that divides
then i have to find a sum that adds up
and when it comes to answers
it must provide something that feels okay
maybe the gamble and all the risks
is where i get too easily frisked
there has to be resilience
that sense of, ‘me’
a version that does not chain me to self hate
and bind me to self loathing
a version of me that is actually okay
where things work much better and only ever create
that is the true nature of resilience
inside of you, inside of me, look for that shape

James Garratt – Monday 20th July 2020

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