What Happened to Us – Written Between February and June 1995 (Aged 20)

What Happened to Us

what happened to me
what happened to my friends
what have we grown into?
wwe were never like this at school
we have became strange
sometimes a little jaded
to many forgotten names
sometimes just a little dated
but still playing the game
that life created
we still strut and pose
like an old dejected stallion
we still care about our clothes
but we have never touched valium
we still drink to forget
then we spend all night
talking about what we drank to forget
and it is… normally another girl
who could not make it work
and normally it is about ourselves
playing the silly victim and getting hurt
what happened to us
i never saw us like this
i am not disappointed
probably just a bit scared by the change
look on the bright side
we will not have to go through it again

James Garratt – February to June 1995

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