They Do Not Seem So Keen – Written Sunday 21st December 2003 (Aged 28)

They Do Not Seem So Keen

do they remember him,
pilots licence,
good looking,
probably a six pack
you know,
everybody’s friend
took gran to church
never left anyone in the lurch
had his own business
was the kind you could trust
lit up the day,
removed the permanent rust
no matter that inside he lied
or that,
he wanted a trophy wife
as long as appearance is kept up
that was alright,
and even family, seemingly so close
did not seem to mind
even when he continued to lie
time after time
he was rich and well turned out
but he treated you like dirt
and yet still, still they loved him
and i treat you like a queen
but when it comes to me
they do not seem so keen

James Garratt – Sunday 21st December 2003

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