That Never Used To Be Me – Written Sunday 21st December 2003 (Aged 28)

That Never Used To Be Me

i have made people laugh
made them cry,
affected them,
deep down inside
both good and bad
i have held a woman who has loved me
and i have held those,
i have made so sad
and you talk my attitude
my attitude to life
you know what kind of person i am
i have never lied
and i have never hid
because as an honest emotional person
i would be too exposed if i did
i have always touched people
in the extremes,
that is what people do
those people who chase dreams
would rather i just be monotone?
and just say yes and please
by some protective pads
and get down on my knees
i am trying to find a hand
and to stop catching insecurity
i just do not understand
because that never used to be me

James Garratt – Sunday 21st December 2003

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