Tears Are Surprisingly Warm – Written Sunday 21st December 2003 (Aged 28)

Tears Are Surprisingly Warm

i have a kind heart, maybe not gold
maybe a little rusty,
or maybe it is a little old
but it is a kind heart
and i mean no harm
so how come i have to know
that as tears run,
they are surprisingly warm
as they follow the course of your cheek
you can be silent outside
but inside there is a deafening shriek
how come i have had to learn this
and yet, still find myself on the outside
is it you do not like what you see
that despite this kind heart,
there is a darkness within me
a darkness which is in all of us
a darkness that you are scared of,
because one day you fear becoming it
i have a kind heart, a good apple
that within the barrel is forgotten
all that gets noticed,
is the multitude that are rotten

james Garratt – Sunday 21st December 2003

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