Colour – Written Thursday 1st November 2012 (Aged 37)


do you want
to have more colour in your life
the spaces,
where there is only grey
do you want to colour
just so you can make the grey go away
is your life so mundane
so bland
it sinks in a long forgotten plain
a drama here,
a made up story there
the colours that you hope to achieve
are never true
and even harder to believe
but what can you do
when the colours only bleed
there is only drama
and fantasy on which to feed
tell me, when did the happiness leave?
when did it become such a need
collecting things in your life
who does not like drama?
a little bit of soap
but these colours never come clean
the tall ship is swapped for tall tales
and when it is stripped back, the colours,
they just reveal an ocean of greys

James Garratt – Thursday 1st November 2012

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