Strong and Tall – Written Wednesday 23rd December 2020 (Aged 45)

Strong and Tall

we are from –
the stew pot of mad vegetables
as lovelorn kids
we hoovered up disfunction
and had us some fits
we played hard
to be so soft and small
and i crave normality
i need it to be strong and tall
i cannot glide,
free falling in a parachute slide
i cannot crack eggs
and feel such damage inside
i crave normality
because we feasted on map slops-
as lovelorn kids
skipping ropes,
and flipping our lids
wondering why the future was an auction
with fate making unwise bids
like the street based child
has to learn to dribble with the ball
i long for the arms of normality
and for it to be strong and tall

James Garratt – Wednesday 23rd December 2020

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