This is a Myth – Written Monday 18th January 2021 (Aged 45)

This is a Myth

everything is a myth
a social construct
walls, not so much brick
more like a substance
with the texture of rope
not anchored so deep
barely into the top part
of waif like hope

everything is a myth
an idea,
presented as a norm
and yet,
people enslave themselves
to these dazzling myths
they purge themselves
from more comfortable nests
they scrunch up parchment and endeavour,
to complete uncomfortable quests

and yet,
they are just mysteries
some idea or perhaps a joke
with poorly humour
that become our billboard eyes
they make us perfect consumers
as we continue to consume these myths
gender, sexuality, race…
we consume these myths
as they form the basis of our prejudices
believing something we never truly taste
these myths,
they take us to a powerful place

James Garratt – Monday 18th January 2021

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