So Much to Talk About – Written Between Tuesday 15th February 1994 and November 1994 (Aged 18/19)

So Much To Talk About

there is so much to talk about
i have got to work something out
is this,
how i was meant to be?
an old cynic,
ready to confirm to steady insanity
i have got so much on my mind
and i have to got to get rid of some things
things that are blinding me
getting back,
to my original poetry
life is a mess, i guess living is to
and when i am lonely,
i find myself depending on you
i need your touch, it will be enough
and i miss you when you are not around
am i depending too much
becoming a state
we all want to be a teenager
it is a cliché for which i was almost too late
look out for me,
i am going through a strange phase
is this how i am meant to pass my days

James Garratt – 1994

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