The Other Place – Written Sunday 23rd October 1994 (Aged 19)

The Other Place

said across the sea, to the other side
where in the end, everything goes
and knows, how to survive
take me to this unknown land
where, wide eyed, i will understand
and all the houses will be beautiful
the people, proud,
without minds that are small
take me by the hand
lead me to this, more magical land
where all the people are really close
and everything is free
like feeling forever, like, like you and me
day trips to visit this golden place
but we cannot go out too soon
that just is not right
do not go in the afternoon
wait a while,
go during the nights of your life
when you dream, hitch a lift
with all the souls swarming
you have nothing to worry about
you will be back by the morning
just take a peak, they are the answers
the answers that you seek

James Garratt – Sunday 23rd October 1994

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