Personal Due Diligence – Written Monday 22nd March 2021 (Aged 46)

Personal Due Diligence

i have always lived to the idea
of being slightly separate
i have always felt
that getting caught up
with everyone questioning
was just too much
i see it as personal due diligence
i realise,
that others feel it is arrogance
but i feel
you need to treat so much of the world
with healthy suspicion
and simple questions
like, why and who
unless you believe in selfless gestures
i do not, do you?
so i have always positioned myself
as slightly aloof
i do not believe in a world of no motives
even if people often lack motivation
consequences are not coincidences
more like collaboration
so i have always taken a approach
to slightly step back from situations
to me that makes a world weary sense
and that is my own personal due diligence

James Garratt – Monday 22nd March 2021

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