Final Thoughts – Written Thursday 18th May 1999 (Aged 24)

Final Thoughts 

if a thousand people remember me
yet, not one of them ever really knew me 
or none of them,
ever truly loved me 
loved me for who i really was 
i would have to wonder if it was all worth it
but, if just one person 
is left and they remember me 
and they really knew me
knew me for who i was deep down inside 
and loved me for the person i had been 
someone, you know someone who truly understands 
whether it be a friend or a lover
or it could be a combination of both 
and if i finally obtain true respect
and i finally cause a true feeling
even if only one person gives me this 
i will know that in the end it was all worth it 

James Garratt - Thursday 18th May 1999

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