A Well Worn Broom – Written September 2008 (Aged 33)

A Well Worn Broom

i noticed the carpets –
they had too many lumps and bumps
i noticed that because –
when i first looked at them
i did not have a clue as to why that was
an unfamiliar feelings bred –
into something all too familiar
because doors opened
and the windows i looked through
quickly revealed all
suddenly, i realised the reason was there
and i realised no self responsibility was taken
everything, literally everything –
was swept under the carpet
a lifetime of issues and the unresolved
reflected in the lumps and bumps of the carpet
i had to wonder –
how much work had their brush undertaken
constantly sweeping
and sweeping things under the carpet
i realised, sharing, caring –
and talking about feelings was not for them
stony faced resolve and a well worn broom
was the answer,
and that is why so much was swept under the carpet

James Garratt – September 2008

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