Emotional Battleground – Written Sunday 28th January 1996 (Aged 20)

Emotional Battleground

there are weapons, but no sounds
what is this all about
this, my emotional battleground
i am the scout,
surveying my emotional landscape
and i do not like what i see
some are dead and some are dying
and one, one even looks like me
as does the one, hurt and crying
it is long time since i knew my mind
i knew the action was tough,
but do not send me back to the frontline
because i have to give myself a rest
and stop letting others get hurt
the weapons are the pangs of needing
but any kind of emotion,
appears to start off as a seedling
just before,
it becomes a fully fledged feeling
now i am clearing a way
because it is time to start anew
i need something good to be around
i need to clear,
this, my emotional battleground

James Garratt – Sunday 28th January 1996

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