Centre Stage – Written Thursday 23rd February 1995 (Aged 19)

Centre Stage

what goes on, what happens next?
i am watching this play
but i do not know what happens next
i only know about today
when i have to take centre stage
i feel scared
as i look at the freaks sat in their seats
because i do not know what happens next
i just have to make it up as i go along
it is the only way to get things done
the magician always picks you
to come and join them on stage
he says he can make you disappear
all you need to do is step into the cage
you are centre stage again
you are expected to keep people well
you are expected to perform and entertain
it does not matter if you are residing in hell
it does not matter about personal pain
time will always tell
i want to see a script
but no one has a script to give
so i cannot learn my lines
so do not be surprised if i say the wrong things
i am told i have only got one part to play
but i find myself playing so many parts
i wish that sometimes i knew more than today
especially as i take part in life
which in turn always appears like a play
and it is a badly organised play at that

James Garratt – Thursday 23rd February 1995

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