Joker – Written Thursday 23rd February 1995 (Aged 19)


i am a joker
but i have got to take life seriously
it is really starting to affect me
suddenly, i do not seem to know –
exactly what it is i am doing
i have a pile of telephone numbers
which all mean nothing
who am i meant to be seeing?
i hurt people and i make mistakes
i do not mean to, i am just a human being
i am trying to juggle my life
trying to give it some meaning or depth
but i am a no hoper joker
so all i can do is my best
and for someone like me that is really tough
so many times i wish i could have done more
all because my best was not good enough
it leaves me feeling unsure
so good luck to you, i am just a joker
one day you might meet someone like me
they might say hello to you
but they find it hard to take life seriously
i am certain they will have a lot to give
they could make you really happy
and help you learn to live
now i know that as you get older
you have got to be,
at least a little bit responsible
but that is hard when you are a joker
probably harder still if you are a fool
still, i cannot be a no hoper

James Garratt – Thursday 23rd February 1995

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