(Glad I Am Dead) Long Live Me – Written Wednesday 1st March 1995 (Aged 20)

(Glad I am Dead) Long Live Me

glad i am dead
long live me
i am happy, i am free
do not know what is going to happen
wait and see
long live me
things are going to change
and if i have any sense
i will stop myself falling apart
it has all been too intense
and i cannot take no more
glad i am dead
i want to believe
long live me
before i become crazy in the head
glad i am dead
glad to bury that person in the past
hope it decomposes fast
the memories of the pain i used to feel
fade and crackle like replays of old film
glad i am no long alive
long live me
i am going to really cry
just so i can get somewhere new
and i know exactly why
with the old stuff, i am truly through
because not a thing i did, meant anything
and not a thing people said was ever true
imagine living like that
glad i am dead
as i start anew
long live me and long live you

James Garratt – Wednesday 1st March 1995

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