Happy Man – Written November 2011 (Aged 36)

Happy Man

when the news tells me that a happy man
has taken his own life
that he has been found hanging
i feign no surprise
because there,
but for the grace of god go i
not that i feel suicidal
or that i want to take my own life
but the stresses and the strains
the trouble and the strife
and the patterns of our mental health
that colour our lives can seem all too real
even early in the morning, out of context
we cannot help the way we feel
a moment can smother us
a thought can blacken our outlook
and leave us bruised
we spend so long being told to smile
being told to be happy
and all the while –
who knows what carnage may unfold inside
i feel a sadness, but no surprise
when another human takes their life

James Garratt – November 2011

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