This is Not a Hoax – Written September 2021 (Aged 46)

This is Not a Hoax

if you believe false and unproven narratives
if you do not trust –
or believe a word that is said
if you believe you are experiencing paranoia –
that affects the inside of your head
if you believe covid is a hoax
and no one is ill or dead
if you believe in microchips and spaceships
or secret men dressed in black
if you term all media the mainstream media
but dine out on right wing views
if you are a slave to sepia
and unproven biased news
then you are the follower and it is you
unable to think for themselves
i feel for your well-being and you mental health
fixed belief systems exist to protect the self
they try to stem the seep of previous trauma
they stop the eyes that continue to weep
and they cut off ways out
to people who clearly feel cornered

James Garratt – September 2021

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