I Want to Cause Ripples – Written Monday 28th October 2002 (Aged 27)

I Want to Cause Ripples

why do i lock myself away
into this world
not a soul can reach
love can move mountains
but my innermost place,
it cannot breach
i sat on the painted chair
things i said,
i just said, i have already been there
i cannot grasp this moment
as it moves slowly through my brain
why do i do this
put myself in this place
a place without light
a place without you
and it does not feel right
i want to cause ripples
i want to be a cog in the machine of fate
but with that idea i am a little lost
and i already know the lady in the lake
why i do i lock myself away
living the nightmares of the night
in the sunshine of the day

James Garratt – Monday 28th October 2002

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