Lover and Friend – Written September 2010 (Aged 35)

Lover and Friend

there is not the, ‘one’
there are many,
and some, some are even quite fun
some sadly,
will be quite cruel
every relationships though
comes with a certain amount of fuel
so there may not be the, ‘one’
you may well journey with two or three
and each one will hold you –
in a slightly different way
and each will paint you –
with a slightly different sky
and each one will frame your life –
with something different each time
there is not the, ‘one’
there are many,
for some this equates to something –
approaching plenty
for some, it will always be, ‘mates’
but you will get there in the end
i am certain that you will fine someone –
you can call lover and friend

James Garratt – September 2010

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